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About Liz dimo

Composer. music Editor. Musician.

Liz Dimo's musical talents are wide, deep, and varied. A composer, music editor, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist (synthesizers, drums, percussion, piano, saxophones, flute, bouzouki, and more), vocalist, and songwriter, Liz has a fascination with sound and has been creating since childhood. She has performed in many bands from concert, to jazz, to stage, to rock. She is passionate about performing and creating original sounds.

As a film composer, her sense of tempo, rhythm, and mood is exceptional, creating synergy and always enhancing visual scenes. Be it film, television, video games or commercials, her ability to transform any visuals through music is exceptional and unique. 

As a performer, Liz released her first solo EP, Ten Years, on December 1, 2021. Written, produced, recorded, performed, and mixed solely by her, the only other person to touch the tracks was her Mastering Engineer. Liz is the former bassist, songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist to Toronto-based indie experimental dream pop band, Papermaps, and can be heard on 3 of their most recent studio albums: Confessions, Darker Lights, and Inferior Ghost.

Liz is also a skilled Music Editor with a high level proficiency and knowledge of working in TV Series and Film. She works quickly, is highly organized, incredibly reliable, and has the ability to focus on the finer details of a project, always delivering an exceptional product.

She is open, extremely creative, an exceptional communicator, and a true leader, having managed large scale projects and led multi-disciplinary teams in her work history.

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